Use Annotation Scale with References

Published on April 5, 2010

MicroStation V8i has the added functionality to apply Annotation scale to reference file attachments. When you change the Annotation scale of the current model all references with annotation scale applied will update.

Prior to using Annotation Scale with References the design file that will be referenced must already utilize Annotation Scale for at least one of the following element types Text Styles, Dimension Styles, Linestyles, or Cells otherwise nothing will change.

Turn on Active Annotation Scale

  1. Open the Reference dialog.
  2. From the Reference dialog right click the column header and select Use Active Annotation Scale.
  3. Check ON Use Active Annotation Scale next to the reference file.

Open Drawing Scale dialog

  1. From the MicroStation pull down menu Settings > Drawing Scale
  2. In the Drawing Scale dialog change the drop down scale.

Plot Sheet drawing scale at 1:1

Plot Sheet drawing scale at 1”=20’

Video Demo

See all of our MicroStation tips on this YouTube playlist.


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