The creation of a computer model begins with something as detailed as construction plans or as simple as a concept or idea. In any case, we can build models from your architectural or engineering drawings, your sketches, or just your conceptual plans.

The Process

Seeing your creation grow from a 2D plan to a 3D model can be exciting. There’s a basic 5-step process from a 2D CAD drawing into a full 3D rendering with materials, lighting, and enhancements.

1 Create a computer model
2 Create a 3D model from plans
3 Break the 3D model down into detailed segments
4 Assign materials to areas and add lighting
5 Final touches: vegetation, cars, people, etc.

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Delivery Formats

We can deliver your content in the format of your choosing. Still images can be saved in a wide variety of formats including: JPG, TIF, PSD, PNG, TGA, and BMP. If your deliverable is an animation, we can save it as an MPEG, AVI, MOV, QTVR, or in Standard TV, HDTV, and DVD formats.

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Levels of Detail

We understand that for different levels of detail can serve different purposes while developing your projects. That’s why we have three levels of detail we can arrive at to achieve your goals. During the design-build stage, we can help you visualize what the project will look like at each step of the process. We’ll help you visualize what works — and what might not work — in your final design. And, in the end,
your project becomes the best it can be.

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Curious about the quality of our visualization work? Links to a few of our recent projects can be found here.

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