Levels of Detail

At Envision, we understand the need for varying levels of detail for different purposes in your projects. This is why we have three levels of detail we can reach to meet your specific goals at hand. During the design/build stage, we can help you visualize what the project will look like at each step of the creation process. We help you to visualize what works and what may not work in your final design. This gives the distinct advantage to you, allowing you to make your project the best it can be.

We can also assist in the marketing stage of your project by providing a quality rending for print, web, and even billboard advertising. In addition, we can create a brochure design and develop an interactive website for your project, complete with various angles and details custom designed to suit your needs.

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Level of Detail: Low

Typical Price Range: $499 – $999 depending on building detail

Sometimes our clients are looking for a very basic rendering of their project in 3D. Some of these uses include massing studies and view studies, often used to determine how sunlight will hit the building during specific times of the day, it’s relationship with other buildings and features, or to look at specific viewpoints and angles that are difficult to visualize in a 2D workspace. These can also be made into “flyaround” animations to see a 360-degree perspecive of your building at very little extra cost.

Level of Detail: Medium

Typical Price Range: $799 – $999 depending on building detail

The general detail option is often used for the planning and approval stage in your project. Here, we can place materials onto specific sections of your project, add sunlight with accurate shadowing, and basic surroundings to your building. This can be used for meetings and planning comissions to show color and material relationships and many other design/build functions. We can easily give you multiple material and color options to view. Going this route can give you an accurate portrayal of your project in 3D.

Level of Detail: High

Typical Price Range: $999 – $1599 depending on building detail

Choosing to go with the full detail option gives you the most accurate and eye-pleasing image we can offer. This comes complete with the full project, color matched with samples for accurate print output, accurate surroundings making full use of your site plan (including site grade if neccessary), people, autos, and trees for a high-polished look. The full detailed design is often used for marketing purposes. We will deliver a full quality render for your use and we can also print high-quality boards for your presentation purposes.

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