The Process

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Step 1: Creation of Model

From something as simple as an idea or as detailed as construction plans, we begin the process with the creation of a computer model. Of course, plans that are in an electronic format are the optimum starting point, but models can be built from drawings, plans, data sheets, faxes or just your ideas.


Step 2: Creation of 3D Model

After the basic configuration of the project is determined, we bring elevation to the graphics. By extruding the various elements of the structure we can reflect the height, thickness, slope and other significant features -- adding that third dimension.


Step 3: Detailed Segments

In preparing for enhanced realism, the 3D Model is broken down into various segments that can be assigned materials & lighting unique to their characteristics. Details such as doors, windows, hardware, railings, etc., begin to take shape.


Step 4: Material Assignments & Lighting

Colors, patterns, textures ... these are applied to the model to really bring it to life. For adequate review and evaluation of building materials to be used, we can emulate from product samples and output to photo quality paper to ensure proper color matching. Adding solar lighting creates realistic shadows for any time of day.


Step 5: The Final Touches

The final touches of realism are added with details such as vegetation, clouds, people, vehicles, etc. Once completed, your image is ready for saving to disk, printing to our large format printers, or uploading to the web. It's up to you. When we're finished, it's yours to do with what you like.

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