Working with a 3D File – Display Depth and Active Depth

Here are solutions to a couple of the most common issues we hear about.
Key-ins: (watch your prompt & message fields)

AZ=? will display your ‘active depth’ (the elevation data points will assume when drawing elements).

AZ=800.12 will set your active depth (the elevation you want to draw at).

DP=? will display the ‘vertical slice’ you are viewing in your 3D file.

DP=-500,1600 will set your display depth from negative 500 to positive 1600

  • You cannot ‘draw’ outside your active depth. Attempting to set your AZ beyond the upper or lower limits of your display depth will force your AZ to the DP limits.
  • Snapping (tentative point) to elements will generate the familiar x,y values, but also the z (elevation) in the status bar.
  • Snapping to ‘blank screen space’ will display your active depth in the status bar.
  • Turning on your ‘depth lock’ will allow snapping to elements at differing elevations but only draw at your active depth. Allowing you to draw a planar element.
  • ‘Fit’ (with expand clipping planes on) will fit your design file to the x,y, & z limits of the graphics in your file.

Palettes for 3D view control are at MicroStation > Tools > View Control.


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