The perfect “health check” on an implemented CAD system.

CAD Audit

Approached in three stages — discovery, evaluation and recommendations. We strive to understand your configuration as it operates, provide a review of the adequacy of the system implementation, and offer recommendations for concrete improvements.

Discovery begins with a questionnaire developed to provide an overview of the main components of the implementation. Following this, we meet with users in the various groups and departments to understand the experience users have with using the system in their everyday work. Once collected this data is then evaluated against three benchmarks, a strong technical understanding of the capabilities and operation of the design software, industry best practice, and our significant experience with many agencies and organizations to develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in the implementation.

Finally, recommendations are provided outlining potential improvements and enhancements that can be implemented to optimize the system implementation. Our recommendations run a wide spectrum, potentially from workspace organization and additional resources to considerations with workflow or process improvements and user training.

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