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Consulting Services Overview

We unlock the unrealized productivity gains in your CAD enterprise. EnvisionCAD can help significantly increase the productivity of your Bentley and AutoDesk enterprises. Our custom Best-Practice Solutions add value in resource configuration, targeted learning, process improvement, user/system support, CAD management strategies and more.

Our commitment is to exceed your expectations and earn your trust. As a privately held company, we can react quickly and maintain low overhead. Our expert team is second to none. We are committed to providing you an outstanding client experience while delivering an exceptional value.

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Upgrades and Conversions

Considering a platform upgrade or conversion? Many organizations change prematurely and can benefit more by using “unused” functionality in their existing platform. EnvisionCAD stays current on new software releases and version updates. This helps us determine if and when an upgrade is a good choice for improving productivity. Let us help you understand the “real” benefits and “true” cost of your potential software upgrade or conversion. Everyone on our staff has been a user and CAD manager in a high volume production environment. We understand the importance of planning, communications and implementation of practical solutions with minimal disruption. We manage our projects rigorously to help ensure timely completion.

CAD Management Support

Our needs assessment process helps identify opportunities that can yield significant productivity improvements with a high rate of return on investment. We develop the right solution … we don’t sell our clients one-size-fits-all canned solutions. Our Best-Practice Solutions are customized to be the best value for your specific needs. This includes software and system configuration, training and e-learning, standards and workflow development, user and system support, management services, and more. We help clients migrate to new versions and different software platforms. Our team adapts enterprises to specific requirements and writes custom software as needed. We also help management teams develop plans and long-term improvement strategies.

Resource Configuration

We can help your staff choose the right software and hardware for your specific needs. We can assist with installation, configuration, standards and procedures development with custom applications for effective implementation.

Targeted Learning

Continuous learning is necessary given the increasing complexity of CAD software. We provide targeted learning opportunities for all levels of users, CAD managers and IT support. This includes customizable live training and manuals, and our cloud video courses for “at-your-own-pace” eLearning.

User/Systems Support

Can’t wait for a delayed response from a software vendor even when you pay their annual software fees? We can help! EnvisionCAD can respond to your needs in hours, not days and offer various support packages to meet your specific needs.

CAD Management Strategies

Our professional CAD managers have hands-on experience with over 400 CAD enterprises. Following our proprietary needs assessment process, we will help you develop practical Best-Practice plans and CAD management strategies.

Every EnvisionCAD representative we have worked with approached our tasks with the experience of users and managers – there is no match for that kind of expertise.
Kae T. Calloway, Dominion Power