AutoCAD Macros

Installation Instructions

Download to your samples macro folder or other folder for use for personal macros. In AutoCAD select Tools → Macro → Load Project and open the desired .dvb file. You can then enter the specified AutoCAD Command to run the macro. Optionally, after loading the project, you may select Tools → Macro → Macros, select the loaded macro, and then click on the Run button.

Find Block

This macro finds all occurrences of a Block Reference within a file. Using the Previous and Next buttons you can window in on each matching block. After all of the matching blocks have been found a message box is displayed displaying the number of blocks that were found.

AutoCAD Command: -vbarun FindBlock

Text Case

Changes the case of text elements in a file to:

  • all upper case
  • all lower case
  • mixed (or proper) case
  • first letter upper
  • reverse the case
  • reverse the string

Will accept processing via:

  • single element
  • entire file

AutoCAD Command: -vbarun TextCase

View Layer

This macro allows the user to display all layers containing displayable objects individually in a slide-show type manner. The user may click on the Next and Previous buttons to change the layer display, or pick one from the drop-down list. The form is non-modal so the user may perform other commands or functions while the macro is active. If the Restore view on exit box is checked when the macro is exited the layer display is returned to its original state.

AutoCAD Command: -vbarun ViewLayer