MicroStation Resources

See the MicroStation Macro Installation Directions Here

Color Tables

Color Printing

Starting with color 8 the color table is organized in color groups with 4 colors per group. The first color in the group is 100%, the second is 75%, the third is 50% and the fourth is 25%. Using the transparent pentable/designscript fill options you can combine colors when plotting.


Cell Libraries


Assorted mapping symbols. These are drawn at a very small scale so you may need to scale them up quite a bit to use in your drawings.


Freeware Macros

For MicroStation (SELECTseries) and MicroStation CONNECT Edition versions.


This application will place a shape around selected elements by calculating the ranges of all the elements. The user may also specify a margin to add space between the elements and the generated shape.

Change to Multiline

This application converts lines, arcs, curves, bsplines and many other MicroStation element types to either Multi-line, Curve, or Linestring elements.

Label Area

The Label Area macro was developed in response to a user request to automatically calculate the area of closed elements and place the result as a text element. This tool will process the selected shape element types, calculate their individual areas, and finally place a text element with the result at the centroid of the shape.

Place Cell with Tag

This application adds a tag element to each new cell placed. The tag data contains the name of the cell and the parent cell library from which the cell was placed.

Point To Cell

The Point To Cell application replaces point elements with a cell, or Quantities/Bill of Materials (QBOM) places a cell at the origin point of text elements. This tool is useful when importing point GIS files without the aid of OpenCities Map, or for replacing survey points

Quantities/Bill of Materials (QBOM)

The QBOM macro will calculate quantity information from MicroStation
graphics. The output is written to a .csv format file that can be
manipulated in Excel.

Send to Back

This macro allows the user place the selected elements in the back (bottom) of the display order. This tool performs the opposite action as the MicroStation Bring to Front tool.

Text Case

This macro changes the case of selected text elements.

Text Rotation

This macro provides expanded functionality for rotating individual text elements as well as text elements that are part of cells.

View Level

This macro allows the user to display all levels containing displayable objects individually in a slide-show type manner.

View Rotation

This macro provides expanded functionality for rotating views.

Zoom To

This macro zooms in on selected elements in a design file.