OpenRoads Designer – Drainage

This training is designed to be an introduction to the Drainage tools available in Bentley’s OpenRoads Designer civil design software. We introduce new tools and workflows in the context of a simple road design project. It is expected that you are already generally familiar with the tools and concepts found in OpenRoads Designer. The exercises cover concepts related to layout and 3D modeling of storm sewer networks and present the basics of hydraulic design for storm drainage systems using the embedded StormCAD analytical engine. The course concludes with an overview of the tools available to review and share design information including the development of construction plan documents.

It is presumed that the student is already familiar with and comfortable with hydraulic design theory – we will not be covering any theory nor discussing principles of the hydraulic theory. Certain exercises may take liberties with hydraulic theory or good hydraulic design principles. Please keep in mind that these exercises are intended to teach the tools and thus some liberties may be taken to emphasize the training opportunity at the expense of theory.

Madison, WI
24 Hour Class

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  • Drainage Fundamentals
  • Terrain Analysis
  • Layout Drainage Features
  • Drainage Design and Analysis
  • Reporting and Plans Development
  • Ditches and Culverts
  • Add Drainage to Cross Sections
  • Assign Coordinate System to DGN