OpenRoads Survey (SELECTseries)

Can be taken with either the InRoads or GEOPAK V8i SELECTseries 4 or SELECTseries 10 editions.

This training focuses on the collection, editing, and processing of field data and its use as computer-aided drafting & design data in the field or office. It satisfies the Continuing Education requirements for Wisconsin land surveyors, offering 16 Professional Development Units (PDU).

Madison, WI
16 Hour Class

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  • Working with OpenRoads Survey: Project Explorer, Project Defaults, Terrain Model Viewing Basics, OpenRoads Survey Interface, Viewing Annotations, Survey Details, “Apples to Apples” direct comparison with current policy pricing
  • MicroStation for OpenRoads Users: Interface Orientation, Project Explorer, Level Manager, Drawing Views, Using Model Files, Using Reference Files, 2D versus 3D Drawing Files
  • Importing Survey Data: Launching OpenRoads, Selecting Geographic Coordinate Systems, Creating a Field Book, Importing ASCII Data, Importing SDR files, Importing RW5 files, Importing Custom files, Survey Details
  • Survey Field Coding: Coding Format, Notes, Survey Data Edits, Correcting Feature Code errors, Mini Toolbar Properties, Editing Multiple Feature Code Errors, Linear Features,Transpose Linear Feature, Point List Linear Feature, Editing Points, Adding Points
  • Survey Data Edits: Correcting Feature Code Errors, Mini Toolbar Properties, Editing Multiple Feature Code Errors, Linear Features, Transpose Linear Feature, Point List Linear Feature, Editing Points, Adding Points
  • Terrain Model Evaluation: Viewing the Terrain Model, Modify Terrain Model Attribute, Evaluating Terrain Contours, Evaluating Terrain Triangles, Profile as Surface Check, Terrain Crossing Features Report, Edit Terrain Model
  • Survey Deliverables: Create Exterior Boundary for Terrain Element, Export DGN Graphics, Export to InRoads Format, Export to GEOPAK Format, Export to InRoads DTM, Export to GEOPAK TIN, Export to LandXML, XML Reports
We have used them several training sessions. EnvisionCAD always delivers. They understand the solutions and how to relate to our engineers in a way that makes it easy for them to adapt to the new process.
Doug Vincent, Project Manager, Foth Companies