Remove Constraints from a Layout Profile

If you need to edit a layout profile subentity after it was created with a constraint from a Profile Layout Tool, copy the layout profile. This has to be done to remove the constraint that limits or prohibits the editing of that subentity in the Profile Grid View.

Below is an illustration of a constrained layout profile before it is copied.

constrained layout profile before copying

Below is an illustration of the layout profile after it was copied, notice the available grips in the vertical curve.

layout profile after copying

Copy a Layout Profile to remove constraints

  1. In the profile view, select the profile.
  2. On the contextual ribbon, Modify Profile tab, click Geometry Editor.
  3. On the Profile Layout Tools toolbar, click Copy Profile.
    Profile Layout Tools toolbar
  4. In the Copy Profile Data dialog box, click OK.
  5. In Prospector:
    • Expand Alignments, Centerline Alignments, Profile Name, Profiles
    • Note the profile Layout (1) is the copy of original
    • Right-click original profile and click Delete
  6. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  7. In the drawing area, the alignment and the annotation are removed.
  8. Next, you rename copied layout profile.
  9. Right-click Layout (1). Click Properties.
  10. In the Profile Layout Properties dialog box:
    • Click the Information tab
    • For Name, enter the New Name
    • Click the Design Criteria tab
    • Select the Use Criteria-Based Design check box
    • Select the Use Design Criteria File check box
    • Clear the Use Design Check Set check box
    • Click OK
  11. In the profile view, zoom out.

Ron Brys

Ron is the founder and president of EnvisionCAD and is an experienced land surveyor, designer, and CADD system administrator. Ron has specialized in MicroStation & InRoads software from Bentley Systems, Inc. and provides configuration, development, implementation and instruction. 


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