Your Place or Mine? Why Hosting Training at Your Location Just Makes Sense

In today’s digital age, online learning is a prevalent method for skill acquisition. The convenience and flexibility are certainly appealing for many. However, when it comes to mastering complex software tools and systems crucial for users of Autodesk and Bentley products, bringing expert software trainers to your company location can provide significant advantages over individual online learning.

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  1. Customized Learning
    When software trainers come to you, they can tailor training sessions specifically to your company’s needs. Unlike generic online courses, onsite training can be customized to fit the unique challenges you face. Trainers can use real-world examples and scenarios your employees encounter, making training more relevant and applicable.
  2. Hands-On Support and Real-Time Adaptability
    In-person trainers can provide immediate support and feedback that is often missing from online learning environments. If an employee encounters a problem or has a question, the trainer is there to offer guidance and help find solutions on the spot. This can significantly accelerate the learning process. If a particular concept is proving difficult, the trainer can spend more time on it, provide additional examples, or adjust the training pace accordingly.
  3. Engagement and Interaction
    Training in face-to-face sessions fosters higher engagement and interaction compared to online courses. Group discussions, collaborative exercises, and interactive demonstrations can all be facilitated by trainers in person. This approach also enhances retention and comprehension.
  4. Team Cohesion and Collaboration
    Bringing software trainers to your location allows for team-based learning. When team members learn together, they can share insights, discuss best practices, and support each other throughout the learning journey. This collective learning experience can lead to improved teamwork and a more cohesive work environment. Building a culture of learning and continuous improvement sends a clear message to employees that the organization values their professional development and is willing to invest in their growth.
  5. Fewer Distractions
    While online learning can be convenient, employees may find it challenging to stay focused when learning individually. Additionally, if employees are trying to balance training with their regular work responsibilities, they may find it difficult to prioritize training. Onsite training sessions provide a dedicated learning environment, minimizing distractions and allowing employees to fully concentrate on the material.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness for Groups
    Upfront costs for bringing trainers onsite might seem higher compared to online course, but it can be more cost-effective for training larger groups. Per-person costs decrease significantly when training multiple employees at once, and the benefits of tailored, hands-on training can outweigh the initial investment.

While online learning has its place in professional development, the advantages of bringing software trainers to your location are substantial. Customized training, hands-on support, enhanced engagement, team cohesion, and the immediate application of skills are just a few benefits. Investing in onsite training is not just an investment in your employees’ skills, but also in the overall success and efficiency of your organization.

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Casey Umhoefer

After spending years in marketing for companies spanning multiple unique industries, Casey enjoyed five years of teaching prior to the pandemic. Casey then embraced the opportunity to support the Department of Health Services as a Business Analyst where she provided testing solutions and other important data and technology systems improvements to communities throughout Wisconsin

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