MicroStation Tip: Create a two line Note element with the leader extending between the lines of text

Using typical dimension settings when using the Place Note tool with two lines of text it displays like this:

In some cases this is ok, but there are many times when it is desirable to have the leader line extend to separate the two lines of text. With a few adjustments to the dimension style settings this can be accomplished rather easily.

  1. Create a dimension style for your double line notes. For this example we will create a style named Double Line Note
  2. In the Dimension Styles dialog select the Text tab
  3. In the Notes section turn off the In-line Leader option and set the Left Margin to 0
  4. Set the vertical justification to the center
  5. Select the Advanced tab and set the General > Placement > Location property to Manual.
  6. Save your changes to the dimension style settings
  7. Start the Place Note tool
  8. In the tool settings window change the Dimension Style to your double line note dimension style.
  9. In the Text Editor dialog enter the two lines of text for your note label
  10. Place two data points as usual to position your leader line.
  11. Since the label location is set to Manual you will be prompted to place a point for the label text. Slide your mouse directly to the left/right to offset the text to the desired length. You may also enter a specific length in the AccuDraw dialog.
  12. Place a data point to accept the offset length.
  13. Slide your mouse in the opposite direction to position the text over the line. Again, you may enter a specific distance in the AccuDraw dialog.
  14. Enter another data point to accept the placement and Reset to complete.





Chris Ferree

Chris is a Senior Consultant at EnvisionCAD specializing in Computer Aided Drafting and Design.

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