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MicroStation Tip: Standardize color and gray shade output

Written by Rod Wing Do you have problems getting consistent colors on your plots? Sometimes users change color tables that cause odd colors to be printed. When submitting a grayscale print of color elements yellow elements print lighter than blue elements. Other times users just have elements defined with the wrong color number. These can […]

MicroStation CONNECT: Display Rules

Written by Rod Wing Display RulesĀ are one of the many new features in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. These are a set of criteria that can be applied to a Display Style to change the appearance of selected elements.   Display Rules can perform GIS style resymbolization based on geometry, Item Type definitions, and symbology attributes. They […]

MicroStation CONNECT Tip: Place Label

Written by: Rod Wing The new Place Label tool is similar to Place Note. Instead of a text note the user places a cell with, or without, a leader line. Using the tool setting association toggles along with cells containing text fields with element properties, the label is updated based on the element being labeled. […]

OpenRoads Designer: Display Terrain Model Elevation Bands

Written by: Robert Garrett Applies also to OpenRoads Terrain Models in Select Series 3 and 4. Question: How do I display my terrain models with elevation range bands like I could do using the legacy GEOPAK and InRoads terrain model tools? First, select the terrain model. Then in Properties, expand the tree at top until […]

MicroStation Tip: Improve PDF image quality in Raster Manager and Descartes

Written by: Rod Wing Vector PDF documents attached in Raster Manager or Descartes typically work without issue. Using scanned, or other raster PDF documents, on the other hand, can present problems with display, processing, and printing of the raster data. The image looks fine when you are zoomed out, but degrades drastically when you zoom […]

MicroStation Tip: Printing Problem Quick Fix

Written by Rod Wing MicroStation printing problems; we’ve all had them, and they always seem to happen at the most inopportune time. You check and recheck your print settings, your pen table, your design file and all of the attachments. Still, doesn’t print right. Maybe you print to another printer down the hall and it […]

MicroStation Tip: Finding a Tool Key-in

Written By: Rod Wing At EnvisionCAD we provide training for CAD administrators and advanced users. As part of this instruction we cover building custom function key menus, tool boxes, menu bar options, task menus, batch scripts, and vba tools. All these usually require providing a MicroStation key-in to launch a MicroStation tool. This invariably leads […]

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