Top 10 Blogs at EnvisionCAD in 2015!

1.  MicroStation Connect Edition Now Available

The CONNECT Edition provides the first common environment for comprehensive project delivery – comprising a common modeling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment.

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2.  OpenRoads V8i SELECTseries 4 is Now Available – Read this Before Updating!

  • Prior to installing SS4 you will need to uninstall SS3.  You can keep SS2 installed on your machine, but you can only have SS3 or SS4 installed, not both.
  • In SS4 the Civil Data schema has been updated to incorporate ICM (Infrastructure Consensus Model) which will allow the Civil Design Models and/or Terrain Models to be saved as an i-model.

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3.  Three Reasons to Move to OpenRoads

Dynamic Modeling
What is Dynamic Modeling? Dynamic Modeling in OpenRoads allows the user to make a change to a particular item. In OpenRoads that change will have a ripple effect through the entire design.  For example, if a surveyor adjusts a rod height in the survey data the graphics and terrain element are immediately updated.  Another example would be if the designer updated a corridors horizontal geometry, the entire corridor model would update for plan, profile, and cross section.

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4.  Bentley Civil OpenRoads V8i SELECTseries 4 Maintenance Release 1 Now Available!

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5.  Have Civil Software Skills?

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6.  Top 10 Configuration Variables for OpenRoads


Effect: This variable defines both the directory and specific file name of the Project Settings standards DGN Library

CIVIL_PROJECTSETTINGSDGNLIBLIST > $(_USTN_SITE)/dgnlib/CompanyXYZ_Project_Settings_Imperial.dgnlib
CIVIL_PROJECTSETTINGSDGNLIBLIST > $(_USTN_SITE)/dgnlib/CompanyXYZ_Survey_Feature_Definitions_Imperial.dgnlib

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7.  CAD Manager Tip:  Bentley Licensing

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8.  MicroStation Connect Edition – The Top 5 things you need to know

When you go to the SELECT Fulfillment Center to download MicroStation CONNECT your first indication that this is a significant upgrade is that the MicroStation version number has jumped from v08.09.11 to v10.0.0 . While the MicroStation V8 file format remains the same, a lot of other things definitely have not. Before you decide to take the plunge for yourself we’ve listed the top five things you need to know before installing MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

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9.  Bentley Enlivens Reality Modeling through Acquisition of e-on Software

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10.  MicroStation Connect:  New Keyboard Shortcuts

In the image above we see that pressing W on the keyboard when the Popups menu is displayed will start the Move Element tool. These shortcut key-ins are are stored in the same shortcut text file as your AccuDraw shortcuts.  Changing the Space Bar shortcut has necessitated the following changes to the default AccuDraw shortcuts:

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